Tastes- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

It’s amazing how much tastes vary person to person.
How one person can chow down on a meal without flinching,
That would send another running for a glass of milk due to spiciness.
How one person’s ideal beer
Will be spit out immeadiatly by another.
One man’s dream girl
Would be imeadiately passed on by another,
And the same goes for girls with guys.
Even between siblings
There can be a remarkable diveristy in tastes,
In music,
And friends.


S.A.D.- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

Singles Awareness Day.
St. Valentine’s Day.
It’s a day about eating your sorrows away with chocolate.
It’s a day about celebrating love.
Having a drink to forget the pain.
Sharing a drink with the one you love.
It’s amazing how much our view of this day
Hinges on someone else.
But it also helps put into perspective
How much of our lives and efforts we put into finding that special someone.
And how,
When we’re right about it,
It can makes us better people,
Acting on a higher purpose.
But when it goes wrong,
We can become our worst,
Most base animalistic selves.
Love is a very powerful emotion.
So treat it with respect.

Aging- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

It is strange how aging works,
Especially in a legal sense.
How one day, if I were to have a drink
With a certain alcohol content,
I could end up fined and in counselling.
But if I wait until the next day,
Which happens to be my birthday,
I could go to the police station
And down a fifth of whiskey,
And face no repercussions.

Understanding vs Application- Poem

Understanding vs Application

By Ben Fetterman

Ok, I got this.
I see one thing I can do for this problem.
I understand where to go.
Crap. That doesn’t work.
Time to try again.
Why is this so complicated.
It just worked when I did the pieces of it earlier.
I could do all of them fine.
Why is it when I try
To apply what I understand
Everything falls apart.

Windchill- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

You wake up and check the weather.
20 degrees Fahrenheit outside.
Forgot to check then wind.
Step outside,
Scarfless and thin gloved.
Only to realize that thanks to gusty conditions,
It’s really more like 0 out.
Just when you had thought winter had mellowed out briefly,
You get killed by

Footprints- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

Every time you step,
Whether you see it or not,
You leave behind a trace.
Whether it’s a smear in some wet grass,
Or some dead skin cells on a dry sidewalk,
No matter where we go,
We always leave behind

Exam- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

“Oh, crap”
You remember your exam is today
And this class has a bad rap
For making those who don’t study pay
You get the exam and the first question screams that it’s a trap
As it seems so straight forward, which it may,
But more likely it’s meant to cause you pain.
“Oh well, at least I’ll know this stuff when I take this class again”