Not Firing on all Cylinders- Poem

Not Firing on all Cylinders

By Ben Fetterman

Have you ever had that day,
Where you can’t get anything right,
Not in a bad luck kind of way,
But in a forget everything
And do everything the most
Round-a-bout way.
When you have tasks
You should be humming through
With no issues,
But take forever for some reason that day,
Whether it’s due to a bad night’s sleep,
Or poor decisions on time management.
Have you ever had a day
Where it felt like your brain was
Not firing on all cylinders?


Skills Lost- Poem

Skills Lost

By Ben Fetterman

Over the eons,
Many skills have been largely lost.
Some for the better,
Such as slave driving,
And some for the worse,
Such as self-reliance.
Many try to replicate and relearn
A few of the more intriguing ones,
Such as flint knapping,
Or wool spinning by hand.
But others are lost forever
In the ebbs and flows
Of time.

Late Night Nap- Poem

Late Night Nap

By Ben Fetterman

Normal schedule.
Time for bed, right?
But sometimes
You might wake up 3 hours later
For no reason
Feeling refreshed
And not be able to go back to sleep.
So you surf the internet a bit,
Flip through your social media.
5 AM.
Time for another 3 hour nap,
Then off to work.

Writer’s block- Poem

Writer’s Block

By Ben Fetterman

I need write something,
Something good,
Something worth reading.
How can I get something
Worth writing about.
Read a book,
Climb a tree,
Count to one hundred and three.
Some ideas are forming, but none very good. Let’s pace a bit more,
Ok, free association time.
Throwing words together,
Let’s see what happens.
A starting point.
That’s all I needed
To get around my
Writer’s block.

Sleep Schedule- Poem

Sleep Schedule

By Ben Fetterman

8 AM. 9 AM.
Day by day
The time I need to wake up changes.
Ends at 8 Pm. 10 PM. 11 PM.
As does my last commitment for the day.
We are told to get a good consistent night’s sleep.
But college’s schedule makes that so hard.
So I’m always so tired.
Sleep all day.
So much for a
Sleep Schedule.

Snow Day- Peom

Snow Day

By Ben Fetterman

In childhood,
This simple phrase
Brought out boundless joy,
As school was cancelled,
And play and sledding could commence.
The older we got,
The more we saw it as an extra day
To finish up our homework
And to cram
For the exam
That got delayed
That day.
As adults,
Snow days become truly rare,
And mean missed pay,
As well as miserable shovelling
And chipping the ice from our windshields.

Blending in to Stick Out- Poem

Blending in to Stick Out

By Ben Fetterman

This current generation
In the age of smart phones and social media,
My generation,
Has becoming obsessed with avoiding anonymity.
They want to be known and loved by all.
So they get the name brand clothes,
Say the popular jokes,
And post the same pictures on their social media.
To try to stand out.
But in the end,
The often blend in.
On the other hand,
Wear what is comfortable,
Which happens to be slightly different.
If you see a name brand,
It’s happenstance,
Not sought out.
And because of this,
Many people who don’t even know me
Can recognize my,
Simply because I don’t
Blend in in an attempt to stick out

Jumping Into The Deep End- Poem

Jumping Into The Deep End

By Ben Fetterman

“One has to walk before they run”
This wisdom is oft repeated and passed on
As to how on should learn new ideas and skills.
For some reason,
I always find myself working my way backwards.
Learning advanced and obscure concepts
Before I grasp the basic tenets.
While I feel this mostly works for me,
Though I realize I am in over my head,
I feel many other would not see this feeling
Of being overwhelmed in the same positive, encouraging fashion as I.
So I will continue my habit for learning new things of
Jumping into the deep end.

Lemon Seed-Poem

Lemon Seed

By Ben Fetterman

In many a lemon,
Lays a seed or five.
The more green thumbed among you
May have tried to plant this
And see if you could make it thrive.
But more likely than not,
It never sprouted
And you failed to realize
It was surrounded.
The white seed is actually a coat
That when removed
Allows the seed to grow
Into a beautiful
Lemon tree

Joints- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

It’s amazing
How many joints a human body contains,
And how smoothly they move.
Often without notice,
Many not even thinking about how
Amazingly complex even a simple step is.
That is until
You have the misfortune of injuring one.
You’re all too aware
Of just how many joints
Are used in even the simplest of tasks