Footprints- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

Every time you step,
Whether you see it or not,
You leave behind a trace.
Whether it’s a smear in some wet grass,
Or some dead skin cells on a dry sidewalk,
No matter where we go,
We always leave behind

Exam- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

“Oh, crap”
You remember your exam is today
And this class has a bad rap
For making those who don’t study pay
You get the exam and the first question screams that it’s a trap
As it seems so straight forward, which it may,
But more likely it’s meant to cause you pain.
“Oh well, at least I’ll know this stuff when I take this class again”

Not Firing on all Cylinders- Poem

Not Firing on all Cylinders

By Ben Fetterman

Have you ever had that day,
Where you can’t get anything right,
Not in a bad luck kind of way,
But in a forget everything
And do everything the most
Round-a-bout way.
When you have tasks
You should be humming through
With no issues,
But take forever for some reason that day,
Whether it’s due to a bad night’s sleep,
Or poor decisions on time management.
Have you ever had a day
Where it felt like your brain was
Not firing on all cylinders?

Skills Lost- Poem

Skills Lost

By Ben Fetterman

Over the eons,
Many skills have been largely lost.
Some for the better,
Such as slave driving,
And some for the worse,
Such as self-reliance.
Many try to replicate and relearn
A few of the more intriguing ones,
Such as flint knapping,
Or wool spinning by hand.
But others are lost forever
In the ebbs and flows
Of time.

Late Night Nap- Poem

Late Night Nap

By Ben Fetterman

Normal schedule.
Time for bed, right?
But sometimes
You might wake up 3 hours later
For no reason
Feeling refreshed
And not be able to go back to sleep.
So you surf the internet a bit,
Flip through your social media.
5 AM.
Time for another 3 hour nap,
Then off to work.

Writer’s block- Poem

Writer’s Block

By Ben Fetterman

I need write something,
Something good,
Something worth reading.
How can I get something
Worth writing about.
Read a book,
Climb a tree,
Count to one hundred and three.
Some ideas are forming, but none very good. Let’s pace a bit more,
Ok, free association time.
Throwing words together,
Let’s see what happens.
A starting point.
That’s all I needed
To get around my
Writer’s block.