Heartbreak- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

We’ve all been there.
When the butterflies in your stomach turned to lead,
And your stomach dropped with their weight.
The cake in your mouth turned to sand,
When you saw her,
Not just any her,
Your her,
Or so you had thought and hoped,
With someone else.
Then you’re faced with a choice,
The most excruciating choice;
Do you want her to be happy,
Do you want her to be yours.
Thoughts of how to sabotage
This fledgling relationship before you
Flashed through your mind.
Then you realized.
If you really loved her,
Truly cared for her as deeply as you thought,
Then you needed to support her,
Encourage her.
Oh how it hurts at first.
Seeing her so happy,
So very happy,
With someone,
Someone who isn’t you.
And deep in your heart you held on to the hope,
The desperate hope,
That one day they will split ways,
And she will realize you were the one.
But you also knew that with that feeling lies another.
This one growing,
Oh so slowly,
That you weren’t the right one for her now,
And that maybe,
You should


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