Invaluable Friend- Poem

Invaluable Friend

By Ben Fetterman

Have you ever had a friend,
Crush, or acquaintance,
Who’s presence made everything
Just feel ok.
Who made your worries fade,
And gave you a feeling that
Nothing could go wrong.
And it wasn’t just a momentary feeling,
Quickly fading as they left.
It lingered for days,
And even in the face of challenges,
And threats of imminent failure,
You still felt content and ready
To take on this challenge head on,
Consequences be damned.
These are the friends that make you
Laugh at loneliness,
Send sadness packing,
And allay anxiety at last.
These are the friends one should
Work the hardest to keep,
Yet one doesn’t notice that’s who they are
Until they’re long gone it seems.
But to find and reconnect with them,
Even briefly,
Is well worth the effort.


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