Driving Away From My Thoughts- Poem

Driving Away From My Thoughts

By Ben Fetterman

“You’re not good enough.”
“She doesn’t like, no girl ever has.”
These thoughts, I’ve got to escape
“Your friends aren’t friends.”
“They’re just using you.”
Grab the keys, a drive will clear my mind.
“They don’t care about your problems,”
“So don’t waste your breath,”
Faster, farther, maybe I can get far enough away
“They just use you to dump their problems on.”
“You’re just bothering them the rest of the time.”
Music, let’s play some loud music, maybe I can drown them out.
“You always text them to talk, never the other way”
“If you don’t text them first, no one will talk to you.”
I wish I could just cry, and let it all go.
“But if you always text first,“
“They’ll leave you because you’re too clingy.”
But I can’t,
So at least the drive provides a fleeting reprieve.


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