Watching Love Collapse From Afar- Poem

Watching Love Collapse From Afar

By Ben Fetterman

As fun as love is to see love grow from afar,
And as low risk as it may seem to be,
You can still experience heartbreak
When the love you’ve observed grow
For so long,
Or suddenly,
Often you’ll see the signs,
Which can be the opposite,
Of what first tipped you off
To their feelings.
They might be spending less time together,
Talking less,
Or arguing more.
The quirks that were appreciated before,
Are now nuisances
That grind their gears more than anything else.
And they might not notice it before you,
Or ever,
And it all ends happily ever after.
But more often than not,
You will now get to see their love
It might just fizzle out quietly,
If the conditions are just wrong enough,
It might end with
A bang.



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