Why Am I Me?- Poem

Why Am I Me?

By Ben Fetterman

Have you ever looked in a mirror and asked
“Why am I me?”
This questions is often asked in defeat
When at your lowest of lows,
Or when you feel like you’ve conquered the world,
And couldn’t feel prouder.
“Why am I me?
Is it the places I’ve been?
The friends that I keep,
The ones I have pushed far away?
The ideas I embrace,
The things I reject?
My parents?
Who’s names should I curse?
The praises of whom shall I sing?”
Whatever approach you took to this question,
From the pillar of success,
From the depths of depression.
Remember this,
The mighty will fall,
And the worst will get better.
So keep going,
And be proud of the fact
That no matter from whence you sprang,
What matters in the end
Is that you are you,
And that God loves you.


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