Working Through Exhaustion- Poem

Working Through Exhaustion

By Ben Fetterman

“Nine pages?!?!
Due tomorrow at 8 AM?!?!
Why am I just hearing about this?”
Time to sit down and get this done.
4 hours and 6 pages later,
You can barely keep your eyes open
As you type line after line,
Cite source after source.
“Two-thirds of the way there!
I can do this!”
You lie to yourself
As you pound another cup of espresso.
Why do your eyelids way so much,
You wonder.
Since when was my head this heavy.
“Just keep pushing, three pages left.”
Two pages left.
One and a half pages left.
Then it happens.
Mid sentence.
“This shows that sjebevwgdffffffffffffd….”
Exhaustion has won.


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