Friendships Lost- Poem

Friendships Lost

By Ben Fetterman

We see them in jokes they’d like,
In stories we want to tell them,
In questions we want to ask them,
In memories of laughter past.
We all have that person who we look back on,
And realize we miss them.
We may have had a fight that ended it,
But often we simply grew apart from them.
We realized it slowly at first.
In text responses that took a bit longer than usual.
In hangouts getting gradually shorter and more sporadic.
Then suddenly, contact drops off.
Texts pile up.
There’s might be an occasional glimmer of hope.
A period of consistent replies.
Then it’s gone again.
And you hope you just said something dumb.
That they’ll come back in a huff in a day or two,
And you can smooth everything out.
But in your hear you realize,
That that’s not the case.
They have moved on,
And you should too.
But you can’t help but hope the one day,
They’ll realize they missed you too,
And your friendship can begin anew.


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