Unfinished Thoughts- Poem

Unfinished Thoughts

By Ben Fetterman

There’s a story to be told,
In thoughts that were never finished.
In comments that just petered off
As the realization set in
That no one is listening.
When no one notices the unfinished thought,
And it hits like a punch in the gut.
And starts that devastating train of thought.
Do they really care about what I think?
Do they hear anything I say?
Are they actually interested in what I have to say?
And most of the time you’re completely wrong,
And they do care and are listening,
They just got distracted.
But then,
Once in a while,
Just often enough to validate your fears,
They don’t care.
And especially if they’re a friend,
That really hurts,
Always makes you wonder
Who’s next to hurt you.


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