The Lessons From the Past- Poem

Lessons From the Past

By Ben Fetterman

It’s been oft said and repeated
“Those who don’t know history
Are doomed to repeat it”
And those with historical knowledge will often see trends,
Which lend credence to this saying.
As well as it this saying applies to the macro scale,
It works just as well,
If not better,
On the micro scale.
While most people don’t realize it in themselves,
They can easily point it out in their friends.
How they’ll make promises and fail to keep them for the same reason,
Or in their choice in significant other,
As well as what’s most likely to get their goat.
So whether on the personal scale,
Or the international one,
It is important to heed
The lessons from the past.

Snow- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

Cold, harsh, a pain.
Beautiful, serene, pure.
How is it that both of these lines
Can describe the same object.
Yet both ring true,
Depending on the day
The snow falls,
And how those in positions of power over you
Decide to deem how bad the snow was.
For the same harsh, annoying snow
One the way to work,
Looks much more beautiful
When the meeting you’ve been dreading
Gets pushed back.
As with most things,
The perspective one has
Will determine how much
One enjoys

Reconnecting: The Start- Poem

Reconnecting: The Start

By Ben Fetterman

Separated by choice, circumstance or happenstance,
It doesn’t matter.
Once you realize that you miss them,
And put an effort into rekindling
The friendship you once had,
These things are best left behind.
“Let bygones be bygones”
This saying is key
To having this friendship reborn
Last unlike the first.

The Moment- Poem

The Moment

By Ben Fetterman

Have you ever seen something about someone
That just hits you.
You don’t know quite what it is,
Maybe how they turn a phrase,
Or explain their thought process,
Or even just fix their hair,
And you don’t know why,
But when you just get hit
With a deep feeling,
Some intangible connection
That you hope will grow.
And realise that now
You have passed the threshold
Between a passing interest in them
And onto a full blown crush.
THE Moment
When you realize you have two ways out
Either heartbreak,
Or recipricated love.
And you realize that,
As of right now,
You have no real option,
But to proceed,
And see what God has in store
For you
And them.

Confused- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

Why am I like this.
One second sure of what I want to do
With my degree,
My life,
My future.
Then one small variable changes,
And suddenly I’m in a tailspin.
Losing all sense of direction,
Just gone.
And if only it just applied
To my professional side.
But no,
I have the same issue
On the personal side
As well.
One day set
On who I fancy.
The next day,
For no discernible reason,
Lost in the flurry
Of possible suitees.
I envy the person
Who sets their mind,
And unwaveringly pursues that.
Or even those who can just push it aside,
To be thought about,
And worried about,
Another day.
But instead
Here I am.
Constantly thinking,
Wondering ceaselessly,
About where God’s calling me.
Always, it seems,

Delicate- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

It’s weird how there are some people
Who you can talk about,
Or say anything in front of,
And they won’t bat an eye at it.
Then something happens,
And you’re no longer quite as close
As you were before.
Suddenly harmless ribbing
Gets treated like
You insulted their mother.
So you realize,
To keep this relationship,
You need to be more careful
As its current state
Is delicate.

Sleep- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

Sleep is wonderful,
To be able to lay your cares away
And put your worries to bed
For a while.
Yet for as nice as it is,
It is often so hard
To get a full night’s rest.
For as great as sleep is,
There are so many other things to do
When you should be sleeping.

Watching Love Collapse From Afar- Poem

Watching Love Collapse From Afar

By Ben Fetterman

As fun as love is to see love grow from afar,
And as low risk as it may seem to be,
You can still experience heartbreak
When the love you’ve observed grow
For so long,
Or suddenly,
Often you’ll see the signs,
Which can be the opposite,
Of what first tipped you off
To their feelings.
They might be spending less time together,
Talking less,
Or arguing more.
The quirks that were appreciated before,
Are now nuisances
That grind their gears more than anything else.
And they might not notice it before you,
Or ever,
And it all ends happily ever after.
But more often than not,
You will now get to see their love
It might just fizzle out quietly,
If the conditions are just wrong enough,
It might end with
A bang.


Watching Love Grow From Afar- Poem

Watching Love Grow From Afar

By Ben Fetterman

It is always fun
To watch a friend
And another
Slowly orbit each other
Until they’re gradually drawn together,
Neither realizing it at first,
But slowly seeing
That the other is what
They look for in
A significant other.
It is even more fun when your friends doesn’t realize
Or at least doesn’t reveal
His crush,
But it’s so clear to you
That you can just sit back
And watch the show.
While there is less satisfaction
In watching than in developing
Your own special relationship,
There is one clear benefit:
When things go south,
You’re not the one who gets crushed.

Loneliness- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

It’s amazing how
Even in a crowded room
Filled with conversations
One can still feel
So alone.
How in a world so connected
When you’re texting
You can still feel abandoned
Because you have to start
Every conversation
And put effort into
Keeping it going.
It especially hurts
When surrounded by couples
Who always have each other
To rely upon.
While you sit there
Stewing in your