Motivation- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

Why is it so hard
To roll out of bed
And go to class some days.
Why can’t I make myself
Just sit down and focus
On my homework
And knock it out
Without getting distracted.
Why do I feel the need
To be playing 3 videogames at once,
While eating,
Talking to a friend,
And trying to finish my homework
All at once.


Time Management- Poem

Time Management

By Ben Fetterman

2:30, ok 3 hours to do this homework.
Oh look, a new Youtube video.
3:45, crap, only and hour
And fourty-five minutes to go.
How many times this has happened
Yet every time I see this issue approaching,
I still manage to fail
I decide to go to bed at a reasonable hour,
And the next thing I know, it’s 3:00 AM.
Why must I lack
Time management?

Senses- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

We have 5 sense, right?
We learned them all in school.
Hearing, taste, touch, smell, and sight.
What about your sense of time?
Balance and acceleration?
Temperature and pain?
Electromagnetic fields?
Wait a minute on that last on.
We can’t sense that,
Can we?
Most of us can’t,
In our normal,
Unmodified bodies.
Some can, though.
They have magnets in their fingers,
And are pushing the human boundaries
For what we consider
As human

Slush- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

As the weather warms slowly
After a snow storm
Comes the inevitable end of the
Pristine snow covered landscape.
It starts with a slow drip,
A pile of snow becoming a puddle.
On it’s way there though,
Is the worst part of winter.
The freezing cold,
Semi-frozen mess
That makes driving a pain,
And, if the weather turns cold once more,
Becomes sheets of ice.
The bane of winter
It is

Obliviousness- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

In the days of old,
It must have been more remarkable
When missed the obvious.
As back then,
Without the phones and screens of today,
One must have had to tried
To be able to miss what was right before them.
When someone misses a stop sign,
Or cuts you off in traffic,
You immediately assume
That that no good piece of so-and-so
Was playing in his phone
Instead of watching the road.
Or when you start to talk to someone
And they don’t respond,
They probably are detached from reality
With a pair of earbuds in.
Today we simply accept
The world passing us by
As we live in a state of

Working Through Exhaustion- Poem

Working Through Exhaustion

By Ben Fetterman

“Nine pages?!?!
Due tomorrow at 8 AM?!?!
Why am I just hearing about this?”
Time to sit down and get this done.
4 hours and 6 pages later,
You can barely keep your eyes open
As you type line after line,
Cite source after source.
“Two-thirds of the way there!
I can do this!”
You lie to yourself
As you pound another cup of espresso.
Why do your eyelids way so much,
You wonder.
Since when was my head this heavy.
“Just keep pushing, three pages left.”
Two pages left.
One and a half pages left.
Then it happens.
Mid sentence.
“This shows that sjebevwgdffffffffffffd….”
Exhaustion has won.

Blizzard- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

Slowly, softly settles the snow into the quiet night
The flurries fall faster,
And the wind begins to blow.
The storm is making it’s presence known.
The flakes gets larger,
And the winds howl harsher.
The storm is upon us.
Driving sheets of layer after layer of snow
Forced everywhere by relentless wind.
Then it stills.
Slowly at first,
Then it’s gone.
Leaving behind a world
Covered in billowing fluffy clouds
Of freshly fallen snow.

Why Am I Me?- Poem

Why Am I Me?

By Ben Fetterman

Have you ever looked in a mirror and asked
“Why am I me?”
This questions is often asked in defeat
When at your lowest of lows,
Or when you feel like you’ve conquered the world,
And couldn’t feel prouder.
“Why am I me?
Is it the places I’ve been?
The friends that I keep,
The ones I have pushed far away?
The ideas I embrace,
The things I reject?
My parents?
Who’s names should I curse?
The praises of whom shall I sing?”
Whatever approach you took to this question,
From the pillar of success,
From the depths of depression.
Remember this,
The mighty will fall,
And the worst will get better.
So keep going,
And be proud of the fact
That no matter from whence you sprang,
What matters in the end
Is that you are you,
And that God loves you.

Drunkeness- Poem


By Ben Fetterman

I myself have never seen the appeal
Of the bottle,
And as such have never been drunk,
But with how many of my fellow students and friends
Get drunk regularly.
There must be some appeal I’m missing.
As they do this
Even though throughout history,
Literature and pop culture,
We can see many people who’s lives
Were destroyed by over indulgence
In that “wonderful” molecule
From Noah who cursed his son Ham
To be the least of his kids,
As he had walked in and saw
Noah passed out drunk and naked,
To abusive drunks that proliferate novels,
To Princess Diana
Who was killed by a drunk driver.
And yet, despite this all,
Many people still find great appeal in